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Echium Guitar Duo

Rebeca Oliveira & Romeu Curto 


Get to Know Us

Rebeca Oliveira and Romeu Curto, two Portuguese guitarists who share a passion for classical music and a connection to the beautiful Madeira Island. These two  musicians have been friends for years, having met during their academic studies in guitar performance.

In April 2023, Rebeca and Romeu finally realized their dream of playing together as a duo. Since then, they have been captivating audiences with their stunning performances, showcasing their deep musicality and technical prowess.

Despite their different backgrounds - Rebeca hailing from Madeira and Romeu from Covilhã - they share a common love for the guitar and a deep appreciation for the beauty of classical music. Their repertoire includes works from the great classical composers, as well as traditional Portuguese music, bringing a unique blend of cultures to their performances.

Whether performing in intimate settings or on grand stages, Rebeca and Romeu create a captivating musical experience that transports their audiences to another world.

“An outstanding performance! Sensite and lovely playing."
“Absolutely wonderful! Your playing is magical!”


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