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Composer: Carlos Seixas

Arranger: Rebeca Oliveira

Solo guitar | Advanced


"Seixas' Sonatas are typical examples of the stylistic ambiguity of the transitional period between the Baroque and Classical styles. They go from the reminiscent of the Baroque Toccata to some suggestion of the idiom of the Mannheim School, while only a minority reflects Scarlatti's style in form and tehcnical display. The mais difference between the two composers is the way they approach the Sonata form: Seixas continued to write sonatas in three, four and even five movements, with some reminiscence of the Suite form. 


This transcription follows the tradition of the old guitar masters of arranging baroque keyboard sonatas such as the ones by Antonio Soler and Domenico Scarlatti. These two sonatas are contrasting in character and therefore complement each other. Sonata 23 being more melancholic and with a wide range of lyricism, with a consuming expression, dynamic contrast, chromaticism and unprepared dissonances, and Sonata 24 being more of virtuosic nature and with nearly symmetrical secctions. In these Sonatas it is possible to appreciate a juxtaposition between the European music of the time and the melancholic and nostalgic Portuguese character. 

Carlos Seixas - Sonata 23, 24 (Tr. Rebeca Oliveira)

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